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The Important of water水的重要性

Without water, all life would end in a matter of days. Most of us think of water as just a thirst quencher but it’s much more. Water is the vehicle for carrying essential nutrients throughout our bodies while helping to maintain proper body temperature and digestive processes. With the recommended daily intake of good clean water we can maintain healthier skin, muscle and joints. The human body is made up of more than 70% water and just a 5% drop in body fluids will cause 25% to 30% loss of energy. Doctor have advised that we need to drink 8 to 10 glasses of energy water to keep out body in good condition.

没有水,所有生命将在几天内消失。大部分人认为水只是解渴的一种饮料,其实不然。水能够使我们体内的养分流动,协助血液循环,消化功能及维持人体的温度。 每天适量地饮用纯净的水能带给我们健美的肌肤。人类的身体是由超过70%的水份组成的,如其中5%的水从人体内流失。因此,每天饮用8至10杯净水能把身 体维持在最佳状态。

Product Features  产品特点

Pure, safe and does not contain the deleterious substance. 洁净,安全及不含有害物质。

Smallest water molecule clusters easily to absorb by our body. 水分子团小,容易被人体吸收。

Help by improving metabolism. 能促进新陈代谢。

Keeping maintain the alkaline level to neutralize body acidity & enhance physical health. 调节平衡体的酸碱性。

Help in detoxification and increase cell energy. 提高身体的排毒除污及活化细胞。

6 filter element as below:

  1. High Quality Ceramic
    High quality ceramic provides a nominal filtration level down to 0.9 micron thereby extracting out microscopic sediments such as cysts, dirt, solids and harmful bacteria.
    Replacement Date: 3 Year.

  2. Granular Activated Carbon with Mineral Stone
    Absorbs Odour & Taste of Organic Compounds including Chlorine and Benzene.Effectively Removes Chemical Substances, Organic Pollutants and other Redines.Destroys Micro-Organisms.Contains Essential Minerals such as Calcium, Magnesium and Potassium.
    Replacement Date: 1 Year.

  3. Nano Silver Activated Carbon + KDF 55
    Highly Silversol carbon and KDF metal ion converter function to remove heavy metals such as lead, copper and cadmium.
    Replacement Date: 1 Year.

  4. Super Nano Bio Energy Converter
    Breaks Down Giant Water Molecules into Small Hexegonal Clusters which Improves Cell Metabolism.Produces Resonant Vibrations to Restructure Water Molecules and Further Increase Dissolved.
    Replacement Date: 1 Year.

  5. Far Infrared Energy with ORP Ceramic Converter
    Helps Detoxification by Improving Metabolism.Activates and Ionize Water to Increase cell energy.Produces Active Hydrogen to Reduce the Electric Potential to –mV which can neutralize free radicals.
    Replacement Date: 4 Year.

  6. Nanosol Activated Carbon Block with ORP Ball
    Absorbs ethylene dichorine, bleach, pesticide, chlorine, odor, color, harmful chemicals and haloform.Produces lots of negative ion with an increase in dissolved oxygen.Helps detoxification by improving metabolism and increasing cell energy.
    Replacement Date: 3 Year.
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