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5 Micron Sediment Pleated Filter Series

Product Information

 FSPL10  10" Sediment Pleated Filter  -
 FSPL10+B  10" Sediment Pleated Filter-Blue  -
 FSPL10-BF  10" Big Flow Sediment Pleated Filter  -
 FSPL10-BF+B  10" Big Flow Sediment Pleated Filter-Blue  -
 FSPL20  20" Sediment Pleated Filter  -
 FSPL20-BF+B   20" Big Flow Sediment Pleated Filter-Blue  -
 FSPL20-BF+W   20" Big Flow Sediment Pleated Filter-White  -

5 Micron Pleated Filter Series newly and recently developed Series PP cartridge filters employ a five (5) layered, high porosity "Bi-Component" polypropylene media consisting of both spun bonded and melt blown polypropylene layers laminated together by ultrasonic sealing in order to provide depth filtration to the media. This depth filtration will allow the cartridge to collect more dirt particulate and in most instances offer a longer life. The soft spun bonded polypropylene having distinct dot patterns is employed on the outer three (3) layers to serve as a prefilter to reduce larger particles while the smooth textured dernier melt blown polypropylene, which has been calendered in order to reduce the media pore size, is incorporated on the inner two (2) layers for microfiltration. This arrangement of both the "pre" and "post" filter components provides two separate gradient layers in one filter. "Gradient Density" filters reduce larger particles, which would blind-off ordinary surface filters on their outer layers, while retaining the smaller particles on their inner layers. This design is an advancement in filtration technology and maximizes utilization of the filtration media while enhancing overall cartridge performance. Cartridge ends have been immersed in vinyl plastisol, creating a unitized end cap and gasket which virtually eliminates by-pass.

4 ft2 of fabric media has been pleated for the standard 2 5/8" diameter by 9 3/4" long cartridge and over triple the amount of square footage of filtration media for the larger 4 1/2" by 9 3/4" ("Big Blue") version.


Series PP polypropylene cartridges are designed for residential, commercial, and industrial filtration applications. Constructed of durable, chemical resistant polypropylene media, they can be employed on many acids, alkalies, plating solutions, water remediation, and saline solutions.


 Type  5 Micron Pleated Filter Series
 Construction  * Bi-component polypropylene media
 * Vinyl plastisol end caps
 * Polypropylene core
 * Polypropylene outer netting
 Operating Temp Range  40°F (4.4°C) to 145°F (63°C)
 Micron Rating  Nominal 1, 5, 20, 30, 50


  • Lower clean initial pressure drops
  • More uniform filtration & overall enhanced cartridge performance
  • High particulate reduction efficiencies up to 95%
  • Operate at higher velocities and flow rates
  • Greater degree of depth filtration
  • Added loading capabilities
  • "Calendered" filtration barrier
  • "Gradient Density" filtration



 Dimensions  Max Recommended Flow Rate
 2 3/4" OD X 9 3/4"/10"  7 GPM
 2 3/4" OD X 19 1/2"/20"  14 GPM
 2 3/4" OD X 29 1/4"/30"  20 GPM
 2 3/4" OD X 40"  25 GPM
 4 1/2" OD X 9 3/4"  12 GPM
 4 1/2" OD X 20"  20 GPM

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