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Blue Steel TK-R25-HB - Outdoor Water Filtration System

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Blue Steel Water Filtration System are produced with the latest advanced engineering technology. The improvement of flow ability provides an ultra pure water filtration.

The steel body of Blue Steel Filtration system are fabricated by typical austenitic stainless steel (JIS SS304) which widely used in kitchen utensils, container, tanks etc. Therefore, its more robust, well designs and long lasting.

Blue Steel Water Filtration System are the most recommendable equipment for the application of household, garden, swimming pool, aquaculture, commercial and industrial waste water treatment.

Advantage of Blue Steel Water Filtration System

  • Natural.
  • Nano anti bacterial technology.
  • High effective filtration system.
  • Bacterial free.
  • High dirt retention.
  • Unique backwash system.
  • Easy and quick installation.
  • Space saving.
  • Economics, easy operation and handling.
  • Long lasting and whole life warranty. (Steel Body only)

Blue Steel Multi Media System

Beside this unique filtration system, we also provides the innovative filtration system, customers require & optional filtration system.

Filter media of Blue Steel Filtration System

Filter media use the highly quality material especially coarse sand, fine quartz sand, zeoplus, silica sand, anthracite carbon and granular activated carbon. Besides that, filter also can use others material like special stone, garnet, crystal sand, birm, manganese green sand, metallease, soft water resin, clean water resin, high quantum fibre 1 micron to 100 micron, calcite, nitrate selectable resin, anti bacterial, bio ceramic II & others quality media.

Material of Blue Steel Multiport Valve

Our selection of superior plastic materials and fibre can protect the ultra violet (UV), corrosion resistant, abrasion proof, deforming proof and the operating can be sustain up to 6-8 bar.

Blue Steel Multi-port Valve (Six Functions) 

  1. Filter - Normal Filtration and Vacuuming.
  2. Waster - By passes filter, used for vacuuming to waste of lowering water level.
  3. Closed - Shuts off all Flow to filter of pool.
  4. Backwash - Cleaning Filter by reversing the flow.
  5. Re-circulate - By passes filter for circulating water to pool. 
  6. Rinse - Use after backwash to flush dirt from valve.
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